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Welcome to my web site.  Highlights include photo galleries, a science page, and a gallery of maze games.   Happy Browsing!

Jim at Mt. Wilson, 2006

Some of my interests include:

  • Science
  • -  I enjoy both science fiction and science fact.
  • Aviation
  • -  I earned my private pilot's license in 1999.
  • Animals
  • -  I love animals.  I currently have one cat, Calista.
  • Fitness
  • -  I exercise regularly and sometimes hike in the local mountains.
  • Travel
  • -  in 1999, I visited Greece and Turkey.
    -  in 2002, I visited England, Wales and Ireland.
    -  in 2004, I visited Amsterdam, Germany and Sweden.
    -  in 2014, I visited The Great Lakes region.

    Jim's Aviation Photos Calista Greece  1999
    Europe 2002 Europe 2004 Jim's Science Page

    Jim's Maze Games

    Jim's Maze Games


    About Me

    I have a master's degree in mathematics from Cal State Fullerton, a bachelor's degree in physics from Arizona State University, and a master's degree in education, also from ASU.

    I used to work as a computer programmer Programmer, but now I'm an instructor at Phoenix College. Instructor  I also tutor math and physics there.

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