My father and nephew, Greg, in London, near the Millennium Bridge Inside the (recreated) Globe Theater, London, England Stonehenge The Cornish Arms B&B, Pendoggett, Cornwall.  The minivan we rented in England and Wales is on the left.
Tintagel, Cornwall (legendary birth place of King Arthur) Ruins at Tintagel, Cornwall.  The recently excavated foundations in the foreground date to Arthur's time (5th century).  The ruins of the castle in the background were built centuries later, when Arthur was already a legend. St. Michael's Mount, near Penzance, Cornwall.  From left to right, Greg (my nephew), Carol (my sister), Mom and Dad. Remains of Glastonbury Abbey, England's oldest abbey
Glastonbury has long been associated with the Arthurian legends Glastonbury Tor, the legendary Isle of Avalon, where Arthur is said to have died.  It is now believed that the area surrounding this Tor was under water in the 5th century.  The ruins of the church on top were built much later. A Roman bath in Bath, England Downtown Bath, England
Caerphilly Castle, a Norman castle in southern Wales The Great Hall, Caerphilly Castle Castell Coch, southern Wales.  Built in the late 19th century by 'the world's richest man,' who owned most of the coal mines in Cardiff, Wales. Preparing to enter a coal mine near Cardiff, Wales
Conwy Castle, one of King Edward I's 'iron ring' of castles, used to subdue the rebellious Welsh A time traveller?  Conwy, north Wales Lavatory chutes, Conwy Castle Castle stairs were easily defended
The fortified Norman town of Conwy, Wales A well-stocked Norman kitchen, Conwy, Wales Conwy Castle, Wales The River Artro, Snowdonia, Wales.  Artro means 'bear' or 'bear-like' in Welsh.
Lake Cwm Bychan, Snowdonia, Wales.  This site is not easy to get to! Hiking from Lake Cwm Bychan to the Roman steps The Roman Steps, which lead through the Rhinogg Mountains The Roman Steps and the Rhinoggs, Snowdonia, Wales
Cousin Frank Lane (in the middle), Dublin, Ireland.  The Irish Parliament building, where Frank worked, is in the background.  (He is now retired.) The streets of Dublin Trinity College, Dublin, where the Book of Kells is kept on display Dublin Castle
Inside Dublin Castle, which was used by the Viceroy back when England ruled Ireland Inside Dublin Castle St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland Mom, Dad and Carol (my sister) at St. Patrick's Cathedral
Powerscourt Estate, south of Dublin, Ireland From left to right, Jim (me), Greg (my nephew), Mom, Carol (my sister), and Dad at Powerscourt Pets Cemetary, Powerscourt The Japanese Gardens at Powerscourt
Blarney Castle Blarney Castle - the Blarney Stone is at the top of the castle (the center area in this photo) Looking straight down from the top of Blarney Castle.  It's a long way down! The Blarney Stone is at the top right corner of this photo. Mom attempts to kiss the Blarney Stone.  It's harder than it looks!
Mom was not able to kiss the Blarney Stone! Bed and breakfast in Killarney.  Mom and Carol at our rented mini-van. My nephew Greg at Killarney – playing a video game! One of the three lakes of Killarney
We meet our Irish cousins at a pub in Banagher Some more of our Irish cousins in Banagher Cousin Frank Lane's boat, moored on the Shannon River, Banagher We board our cousin's boat and take a trip on the Shannon River
Birr Castle, home of the Earls of Rosse.  This was the coach house, now a science museum. William Parsons, the Third Earl of Rosse and a man of science This huge telescope was built by the Third Earl of Rosse.  With it he discovered the spiral structure of the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51). The Third Earl of Rosse's telescope was the world's largest for over 70 years (from 1845 to 1917)
A closer view of the Third Earl of Rosse's 'Leviathan of Parsonstown,' which has a 6-foot (72-inch) aperture The Third Earl's youngest son, Charles Algernon Parsons, was the inventor of the modern steam turbine engine.  His engines powered ocean liners such as Lusitania and Queen Elizabeth. The residence of the current (Seventh) Earl of Rosse is not open to the public The Millennium Gardens, created by the Sixth Earl and Countess of Rosse

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